Börde County - Equal Opportunities Officer

Article 3(2) of the Basic Law states: "Men and women have equal rights. The state shall promote the actual implementation of equal rights for women and men and shall work toward the elimination of existing disadvantages." In this context, gender mainstreaming is to serve as an equality policy strategy.

The following tasks arise from this mandate:

  • Advising women and men on issues of equality and gender justice.
  • Contact in case of violence problems, sexual harassment or conflicts at the workplace
  • Clarification of questions regarding the compatibility of family and career and return to work
  • Promotion of career orientation for girls and boys
  • Active participation in committees and networks at municipal, regional and national level
  • Cooperation with associations, societies and institutions on women's and equality policy issues
  • Support for initiatives and projects relevant to women's issues

The Equal Opportunities Officer will help you if you need:

  • seek advice and support on equality-related issues
  • experience disadvantages in your social situation at work or in public life and would like to do something about it
  • are sexually harassed or experience violence
  • are looking for contacts to counseling centers and help institutions
  • have suggestions and proposals on how the situation of women and men can be improved
  • are interested in standing up for the interests of women and men.

You are welcome to contact the Equal Opportunities Officer directly with your concerns and wishes. Your inquiries will, of course, be treated in the strictest confidence.

Establishment of working groups

  1. AG ehrenamtliche Gleichstellungsbeauftragte der Gemeinden - Meeting: once per quarter
  2. Working group on violence prevention - meetings: as neededOverview of assistance in the event of violence in the Börde district (PDF)

Ten Years Istanbul Convention

Every third woman in the European Union over the age of 15 has already been a victim of physical or sexual violence. One in two has already experienced sexual harassment, according to the European Commission. 10 years ago - on May 11, 2011, to be precise - 13 member states of the Council of Europe signed the "Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence," better known as the Istanbul Convention because the meeting was held in Istanbul. Learn more