School Transport

The Landkreis Börde is responsible for the transportation of pupils and has to transport the pupils living in its area to and from

  • of the general education schools up to and including the 10th grade; those of the special schools beyond that,
  • the school-based basic vocational training year and the vocational preparation year, and
  • the first year of vocational schools whose admission requirements do not include an intermediate school leaving certificate,

to school under reasonable conditions or to reimburse them or their legal guardians for the necessary expenses for the journey to school. The school transport authorities shall transport the pupils of grades 11 and 12 of the schools in their area

  • of the school years 11 and 12 of the grammar schools and of the school years 11 to 13 of the comprehensive schools,
  • vocational schools, technical schools, specialized secondary schools and specialized grammar schools

to be relieved of the travel costs when using the local public transport system or the exempted school transport system - minus an own contribution of 100 euros per school year. The obligation to transport or reimburse the costs only applies to the journey to the nearest school of the chosen type of school. The school transport authorities are responsible for deciding how to meet this transport or reimbursement obligation. In doing so, they can determine both the mode of transportation (school buses, public transportation) and the minimum distance between home and school from which the transportation or reimbursement obligation applies. This is used in different ways in the districts and independent cities. The obligation to transport or reimburse exists in any case if pupils have to be transported because of a physical or mental disability.

Pursuant to § 71 Para. 2 Sentence 6 and § 71 Para. 4a Sentence 7 of the Education Act of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, the statement of travel costs must be submitted to the school transport authority by September 30 of each year at the latest for the previous school year. Applications submitted after this date are excluded from reimbursement.