At the end of a long working life comes a well-deserved retirement. Time to devote even more time to hobbies and leisure activities, or to family and voluntary work. Here you will find information on topics such as leisure activities, health and possible assistance in old age.

The district council for seniors of the Landkreis Börde

The circle senior council of the Landkreis Börde is to bring in its expertise into the local-political work of the district council by the objectives defined for the work. It stands up for the interests of older people in the district area and is active in the context of civil commitment non-partisan, denominationally neutral, independent of associations, intergenerational, selfless and non-profit. In its areas of responsibility, the seniors' council is the contact for corporations, institutions and for the residents of the Landkreis Börde.

Within the framework of general services of general interest, the district council for senior citizens works towards shaping the living conditions of older people in accordance with their interests, for example in the areas of social, cultural, educational, health and sports services as well as in the management of existence, in the design of living and living environments, in the mediation and maintenance of social contacts to and between population groups as well as in the creation and maintenance of integrative networks or in the planning and realization of offers and assistance for general management of life.

The representative assembly is responsible for all matters of the district senior citizens' council. The members of the representative assembly are determined by the district council Börde upon proposal of associations and institutions active in the field of senior citizen work, the parliamentary groups and associations represented in the district council as well as the unitary and association municipalities belonging to the district.

The district senior citizens' council has existed in the form of an advisory committee of the district council since 2014. It is linked to the district council. The council comprises about 25 members, who are provided by municipalities, associations, institutions and parliamentary groups of the district. The office of the district council of seniors is Dominik Scholz. The board of the district senior council consists of six members and the chairman.

As chairman was elected on the occasion of the constituent meeting of the District Senior Citizens Council on 16.01.2020, Mr. Ulrich Körber from the municipality of Hohe Börde. The board consists of the members Sieglinde Falke, Sylke Kühling, Angelika Odenbach, Erika Tholotowsky, Klaus-Dieter Albrecht and Dr. Christoff Gastmann.

In terms of content, the District Seniors' Council deals with the concerns of seniors. In other words, it deals with issues affecting people beyond retirement age. The range of topics is diverse.

Overview of the represented communities and institutions in the KSR

Members Communities
Mr. Dr. Thomas Beringer Einheitsgemeinde Niedere Börde
Mr. Dr. sc. Christoff Gastmann Verbandsgemeinde Obere Aller
Mr. Wolfgang Ihsecke Verbandsgemeinde Westliche Börde
Mr. Ulrich Körber Einheitsgemeinde Hohe Börde
Ms. Heidemarie Nielebock Verbandsgemeinde Elbe-Heide
Mrs. Angelika Odenbach Stadt Oebisfelde-Weferlingen
Mr. Volker Spoer Einheitsgemeinde Barleben
Ms. Erika Tholotowsky Stadt Wolmirstedt
Ms. Edyta Zander Stadt Haldensleben
Mr. Dr. Ernst Isensee Stadt Wanzleben-Börde
Members Institutions
Mr. Klaus-Dieter Albrecht B'90/GRÜ
Mrs. Sieglinde Falke DRK Kreisverband Börde e.V.
Mr. Ralf Scherer UWG
Ms. Sylke Kühling Der Paritätische, Regionalstelle Nord
Mr. Karl-Heinz Kühn FDP
Mr. Jörg Meseberg SPD
Ms. Dagmar Müller DIE LINKE
Mr. Dr. Manfred Nebauer DRK Kreisverband Wanzleben e.V.
Mr. Wolfgang Erich Erhard Rehfeld AfD
Mr. Manfred Wesche CDU
Ms. Cornelia Wollbrück Volkssolidarität, Regionalverband OK-BK
Mr. Michael Schekatz Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Haldensleben-Wolmirstedt