District Administrator Martin Stichnoth

Since September 7, 2018, Martin Stichnoth (CDU) has been responsible for the Landkreis Börde as Landrat (district administrator). He was elected on April 8, 2018 (in a runoff election) by eligible voters for a term of seven years in accordance with the provisions of the Local Elections Act for the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The district administrator heads the district administration. He prepares and executes the resolutions of the district council and the committees. As the chief administrative officer, the district administrator is responsible for the proper performance of duties and the orderly conduct of the administration. He is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the district and represents the district to the outside world.

District Administrator Martin Stichnoth is also the superior, supervisor, higher official and highest official authority of the employees. The district administrator also fulfills the district's duties as a municipal and professional supervisory authority.

The highest service authority of the district administrator is the district council. On behalf of the Chairman of the District Council, Dr. Ernst Isensee, Angela Leuschner appointed Martin Stichnoth as District Administrator at the District Council meeting on August 29, 2018, in accordance with the regulations under civil service law, obliged him and swore him in to conscientiously fulfill his official duties. As elected district administrator, Martin Stichnoth, who is married in Wolmirstedt, will bear responsibility for "his" Landkreis Börde from September 7, 2018.



Martin Stichnoth was born on July 6, 1977 in Wolmirstedt.

After attending the "Adolph-Diesterweg-Primary School" in his hometown, Martin Stichnoth successfully passed the Abitur at the Wolmirstedt "Kurfürst-Joachim-Friedrich-Gymnasium" in 1996. After his 3-year training as an administrative assistant at the then Ohrekreis district (now Börde district), he passed the examination to become an administrative specialist at the Saxony-Anhalt Study Institute for Municipal Administration in Magdeburg.

Until he took office as mayor of the city of Wolmirstedt on March 12, 2013, Martin Stichnoth had been employed by the district without interruption since 1999. He acquired professional experience in administration on the employee side in various positions and at several specialized services. Thus, Martin Stichnoth worked in the administration of order, environment, veterinary and buildings. Until he took office as mayor, Martin Stichnoth most recently represented the interests of the employees of the district administration as chairman of the staff council since June 1, 2010.

In an honorary capacity, Stichnoth has been involved in the City Council of Wolmirstedt since 2009; among other things, as Chairman of the Finance Committee. In 2014, he was elected to the district council by a large majority, where he served as chairman of the CDU parliamentary group in several committees.

Since his earliest youth, Martin Stichnoth has devoted himself to rabbit, poultry and exotic animal breeding. In an honorary capacity, he has been responsible for many years as chairman of the district association of racial rabbit breeders Börde-Ohrekreis e. V..


Some remarks on the term of office:

Martin Stichnoth used the district assembly on August 29, 2018, to briefly address the podium after his appointment. "I look forward to carrying the responsibility for our beautiful Landkreis Börde in the coming years as your county administrator." Within the framework of the law, the district administrator is responsible for carrying out the duties of Landkreis Börde with the goal of promoting the welfare of its residents. With this in mind, Stichnoth emphasized that he is "a reliable partner who has all people in focus."

At many events in preparation for the election, it became clear again and again "how strongly our people are interested in being involved and taken along."

As head of the district administration and supervisor of services, Stichnoth emphasizes that the employees of the district administration "create with a strong will to perform and not just administer."