Kreisvolkshochschule Börde

The Kreisvolkshochschule Börde (Börde District Adult Education Center) has been the municipal continuing education center of the Landkreis Börde since 01.01.2011 and is a dependent and non-profit public institution. We are recognized by the Ministry of Culture as an eligible institution on the basis of the law for the promotion of adult education in the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Educational mission:

  • Offering educational events that give adolescents and adults the opportunity to acquire, renew and increase knowledge and skills through voluntary resumption of organized learning.
  • Promotion of lifelong learning
  • To promote political participation and civic engagement
  • Promoting integration and multilingualism
  • Promoting employability and further education
  • Promoting health and quality of life
  • Promotion of culture and creativity
  • The Kreisvolkshochschule is responsible for implementing social demands, such as the general right to education, the reduction of structural disadvantages and the promotion of talents even in adulthood.
  • One of the tasks of the Kreisvolkshochschule is to provide help and support to all citizens in coping with these social, professional and personal demands, and to do this in the form of educational events that impart knowledge.


Educational spectrum

We offer courses in a wide variety of areas. Learn a new language, improve your fitness through music-accompanying sports courses or learn how to use digital media and mobile devices. You can experience further programs in our departments:

  • Politics-Society-Environment
  • Languages
  • Culture-Creation
  • Health
  • Work-Vocational
  • Basic education-school-leaving qualifications


Educational measures to promote integration

Learning the German language makes it easier for refugees to enter the world of work and social interaction. For this reason, we promote integration and interculturality through measures such as:

  • Advising and handling the entire registration process for integration courses
  • Implementation of integration courses/second language learning courses
  • Implementation of literacy courses
  • Implementation of courses for professional language support B2
  • Certificate examinations in German at CEFR levels A1 to C1
  • Exam preparation courses
  • Implementation of naturalization tests
  • Special projects for integration


Special projects

1. literacy & basic education

As project implementer of the ESF project: "Adult Literacy" we support people who have weaknesses in reading, writing and basic education. The project is supported by:

2. talentCAMPus

The talentCAMPus is a project of the German Adult Education Association within the framework of the program "Kultur macht stark. Bündnisse für Bildung" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). At talentCAMPus, children and young people have the opportunity to discover undiscovered talents and abilities during their vacations. These include:

  • spraying professional graffiti
  • dancing hip hop
  • creating photo comics
  • creating YouTube videos

The special thing about a talentCAMPus is the combination of standardized and free offers of cultural education. In this way, children and young people are supported in their cultural, intercultural, linguistic and social competencies and at the same time are given space to develop their individual needs and creativity. The project is financially supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is free of charge for participants.

3. Other services

  • Counseling center for the nationwide education premium
  • Examination center for recognized language certificates (TELC, Goethe-Institut)
  • Center for X-Pert examinations
  • Provider of educational leave within the framework of the Bildungsfreistellungsgesetz in Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony
  • Education partner for people with disabilities