Replacement procurement of 3 hybrid buses

In July 2020, the state of Saxony-Anhalt informed about the promotion of an additional type of drive according to the guidelines on the granting of subsidies to support environmentally friendly modes of transport, sub-action "Promotion of vehicles with alternative drives for local public transport (ÖPNV)" (Erl. des MLV vom 1.6.2017 - 31.21-30117/3). According to this, vehicles for public transport that have an additional hybrid module are eligible for funding. The program is financed with the support of the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).

BördeBus Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH regularly renews its vehicle fleet. In order to combine this with a reduction in CO2 emissions, the Landkreis Börde (responsible for public transport) has applied to the state for funding from this program in 2021. Eligible for funding are the additional investment costs for the purchase as well as the additional costs for leasing and renting new vehicles for public transport with a hybrid module compared to conventional diesel vehicles for public transport that comply with the currently applicable emission standards (generally 80% of the additional costs).

After the state handed over a grant decision to the district and forwarded it to the transport company, BördeBus Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH purchased 3 buses with the Efficient Hybrid System in 2021. The total investment amounts to 758,130 euros. The approved ERDF funding of 24,600 euros corresponds to 80% of the above-mentioned additional costs for the more environmentally friendly vehicles. In this way, the EU supports its member states in achieving climate protection targets.