Emergency calls

Emergency call 112

You can reach the Integrated Control Center in the Landkreis Börde by dialing the nationwide emergency number 112. This number works from a landline and also from a cell phone without area code. When dialing 112 from your landline or cell phone, you will automatically be connected to the next responsible Integrated Control Center.

The standardized emergency number 112 is already activated in 34 European countries.

The right emergency message

Your information should always be very precise when making an emergency call. In such situations, always act thoughtfully and calmly. Remember these questions for emergencies:

Where did something happen? State as precisely as possible the location where the accident occurred. For more complicated locations, give directions if possible.

What exactly happened? Describe the emergency for example:

  • Major fire (building size, floors, etc.),
  • Traffic accident (vehicles involved, etc.),
  • Oil spill (extent etc.)

How many injured / affected persons have to be taken care of? Estimate the number of affected persons and their situation. How many injured or missing persons are there? State the number of injured and missing persons. In the case of children, please also state their age, if possible.

What are the injuries? In your estimation, describe the severity of the injury - for example, no longer breathing, extensive scalding, broken arm or leg, severe bleeding, electrocution, and so on.

Be sure to wait for further inquiries! The telephone call will be terminated in any case by the dispatcher of the integrated control center. Please wait therefore always for possible further inquiries! Normally, this also includes the recording of the caller's data.

Privacy Notice:

When you dial the emergency call from a smartphone, your exact location data is transmitted to the control center of the Landkreis Börde. The location data is used exclusively to locate the scene of the emergency as quickly and precisely as possible. It will not be passed on to other agencies.