Börde-Museum Burg Ummendorf

Today's regional museum for the Magdeburg Börde region is a cultural, educational and research institution under the auspices of the Landkreis Börde and is housed in a castle complex whose history dates back to the 12th century. The museum was founded in 1924.

The collection, library and archives as well as the individual exhibition areas are geared towards the documentation, processing and presentation of topics connected with life and work in this agriculturally shaped region and the fertile black earth soil. Since 1954, the Börde-Museum has been under full-time management and, thanks to numerous remodeling projects and extensions to the building and its contents, can now offer a wide variety of thematic exhibitions:

  • Permanent exhibition on life in the Börde 150 to 200 years ago.
  • The herb garden with the agricultural technology exhibition and the sculpture garden can be visited.
  • New permanent exhibition on some aspects of sugar beet cultivation, soil cultivation and harvesting techniques, and migrant workers
  • Tools and technical equipment related to potash and rock salt mining
  • Castle tower with building substance from Romanesque times

The homepage of the Börde-Museum Burg Ummendorf provides an overview of the history of the region and the castle, information on the permanent and special exhibitions, the Sunday tours and the seasonal and seasonally independent thematic tours, as well as a wide range of events and educational offers, from the herb garden to building and living in the countryside.

The sections Object of the Month/Collection Pieces and Herb of the Month/HerbZeit, which have been established since June 2014, are monthly articles in which interesting collection items with regional historical background knowledge as well as vegetable, spice and medicinal plants of the herb garden are presented in their historical as well as currently relevant context.

Event accents

  • Seasonal aspects of the herb garden in guided tours and activities for children and adults (e.g. "Herbs in pots" - cooking around the herb garden)
  • Children's holiday activities with exciting topics about the way of life once and today as well as handicraft techniques
  • Castle summer concerts
  • Guided tours on all designated topics, also in Eastphalian dialect
  • dialect - opp plattdüütsch
  • Public guided tours on Sundays with museum-relevant topics on exhibitions and collections
  • Markets and festivals: Oldtimer meeting, herb garden festival, castle festival and Christmas market