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Integration network

Since 2008, the "Integration for Migrants" network in the Landkreis Börde has been continuously expanded, supported and maintained. Representatives from the municipalities, counseling centers, support services, community shelters, associations, churches and committed citizens are active in the network. In recent years, it has been possible to create a functioning network of integration actors and multipliers that is of central importance in terms of cohesion and that makes it possible to work cooperatively and in a coordinated manner with and for people with a migration background. The maintenance of the network "Integration for Migrants" is supported by a coordination group.

The main tasks of the coordination group include:

  • Representation of the network
  • Support in planning and organizing joint activities
  • Bundling of information
  • Supporting the definition of goals or the orientation of the network

The connection of the Integration Network to the administration's own Coordination Office for Migration is of fundamental importance for the entire network, as this ensures functioning communication between the administration and the network actors. In order to improve the cooperation between the multipliers of the administration and the local actors, the Coordination Office for Migration maintains and expands the network structures. The goal here is a transfer of know-how in order to improve the mutual exchange of information about strategies, concepts and working approaches in and between the respective institutions.

A regular information and communication platform creates the trust necessary for this, in order to give the integration actors and multipliers a platform for the exchange of current information. In this context, the district implements or supports both annual network plenary meetings and topic-related working groups.

In the groups that the Migration Coordination Office itself leads, it ensures an efficient mode of operation with clear goals and modes of operation. Where necessary networking structures are lacking at the local level (e.g. at the municipal level), the coordination office works toward integration into the existing integration network or actively supports the actors within the scope of its possibilities. Networking between the administration and civil society is constantly maintained, such as by establishing various contacts between community work, counseling centers, authorities, associations and migration services.

Local actors, associations and all other actors and initiatives involved in integration work, play a decisive role in the Landkreis Börde. In order to get an overview of the regional networking structure and to be able to derive possible needs, the actors acting in the Landkreis Börde as well as the offers of the network are presented in a transparent form on the website of the network. This website informs about the work of the network, connects the actors and supports the consulting structures.

You can reach the website of the Integration Network at