Partnership for Democracy in the Landkreis Börde

What is Partnership for Democracy Landkreis Börde?

The Partnership for Democracy Landkreis Börde (PfD) is a network and offer that serves the promotion of democracy, participation and engagement in the Landkreis Börde. The PfD provides know-how and funding, networks actors, advises and supports citizens, municipalities and institutions.

For example, on the following topics and issues:

  • More democratic citizen participation or child and youth participation,
  • Revitalizing civic engagement and the engagement landscape,
  • Preventing and preventing discrimination and exclusion of certain people or groups of people,
  • Dealing with agitation, violence and threatening situations
  • Developing and promoting an understanding of democracy and democratic skills.

You can contact the contact persons of the Partnership for Democracy Landkreis Börde at any time, without obligation and free of charge (the contact data can be found in the window on the right side of this page).

The Landkreis Börde County Youth Council is the official body of the county for the participation of young people in local political issues and decision-making processes. Its members are accompanied and supported by the Partnership for Democracy Börde County.

In the download area (below) you will find, among other things, a brochure that gives you a good overview of the work and offers of the Partnership for Democracy Landkreis Börde, as well as examples and inspirations for topics, fields of action, projects and actions.


The project funding of the Partnership for Democracy Landkreis Börde

You are a non-profit association or organization and would like to implement a great idea for a livable, committed or in many respects diverse and fair Landkreis Börde? You would like to make the world a little bit better locally with a project ?

No matter if you already have a concrete idea or if you are still looking for one: The Partnership for Democracy Landkreis Börde will be happy to advise you and support you all along the line - including in the preparation of a funding application and in dealing with the funding.

The PfD will fund your project with up to 90 percent of the costs incurred. There is no minimum or maximum funding amount. You do not have to pay in advance if you submit your application in time.

Submission deadlines: March 15, June 15, August 15 (and for the following year: November 15).

Projects submitted by a deadline must not have started yet and can start at the earliest one and a half months after the deadline.

Is your interest piqued? Contact us as early as possible for a consultation!


Funding is available for projects and events of all kinds:

  • Whether reading, dance, theater, workshop, performance, lecture, film screening, festival, event, do-it-yourself outreach, continuing education, seminar, educational trip, etc.
  • Whether (e.g.) a two-hour, six-hour or full-day event
  • Whether the project runs for one day, several days or for weeks
  • Whether art, culture, education or social engagement
  • Whether for or with young and old, big and small, long-established and newcomers


It is important that projects that want to be funded meet several of the following criteria

(a project does not have to meet all of these criteria):

  • People are brought into contact through the project, between whom inhibition thresholds exist, "bridges are built" or common ground is created
  • The project counters prejudices and reservations towards other people or prevents their devaluation.
  • The project encourages or promotes civic engagement.
  • the project enables social participation, political participation or co-determination
  • the project encourages people to deal with socially relevant topics or imparts knowledge on these topics
  • the project contributes to the experience of self-efficacy ("I can contribute something myself!")
  • the project counters political or democratic distance
  • The project is innovative, sets new impulses on site or is sustainable.


The following costs are eligible for funding:

  • Material costs (e.g. for required equipment, necessary materials or objects)
  • Rent (e.g. for venues or objects)
  • Fee costs/services/additional personnel costs (e.g. for speakers, etc.)
  • Travel costs (e.g. for transport, honorary staff, group travel)
  • Costs for overnight stays (accommodation, etc.)
  • Costs for public relations (flyers, posters, advertising, etc.)
  • Note: Costs for commissioned construction measures are not eligible for funding.


Applying for funding - it's that easy

The documents/forms published on this website are here (only) for your initial information, as viewing copies. If you are interested in project funding or would like to submit an application, please contact Tilo Garlipp-Gramann (contact details are in the window on the right) for the purpose of applying for funding from the Partnership for Democracy Landkreis Börde. He will advise you, explain the procedure, explain the procedural guidelines and support you in the application process. He will also provide you with the application forms that you can fill out.