Call for the competition "Unser Dorf hat Zukunft" 2021 - 2023

District competition has started | Apply now until 02.04.2021 | Appreciation of village life in the Börde region

Every Börde village has special features and potentials that make up the charm of our region and contribute to an attractive rural life. With the district competition "Unser Dorf hat Zukunft", village communities are called upon to show their village from the best side and to work on new goals that improve village coexistence.

The competition is looking for villages which, as a community, ensure that their village is and remains attractive and worth living in. It is not primarily the level achieved that is evaluated, but above all the steps already taken towards holistic village development. The focus is on the commitment of the village community under the questions: "What have we achieved so far? - What do we want for the future? - What needs to be done?"

The 2021 district competition is the first stage in the "Unser Dorf hat Zukunft" competition. The winning village qualifies for participation in the state competition of Saxony-Anhalt in 2022 and, if applicable, for the national competition in 2023.

Who can participate?

Eligible to participate are spatially closed villages, villages or parts of villages with a predominantly village character and neighboring villages with a total of no more than 3,000 inhabitants. The initiative for participation can come from associations or the municipal council.

Villages that have received a gold plaque in the national competition cannot participate in the two subsequent state competitions.

What is evaluated?

In addition to the overall impression in the competition, the following are given special consideration:

  • Goals and concepts for the development of economy and infrastructure,
  • Social commitment and village cultural activities,
  • Building design and settlement development as well as
  • Green design and the village in the landscape.

In June and, if necessary, in September 2021, the participating villages will be visited by an evaluation commission. Here, the evaluation will be carried out with the help of an evaluation matrix (allocation of points to the categories). The final results will then be announced and recognized at an awards event with a prize-giving ceremony.

What awaits the winners?

Participation in the competition is a special motivation for the village community and sets sustainable developments in motion - regardless of a later ranking. Your village and its development will be assessed by a jury. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your village and how do you deal with them? What solutions do you have to improve the situation for your village? You will receive recommendations for further development from experts. So the winners are all the participants in the competition!

District and state level:

The state of Saxony-Anhalt provides a total of 100,000 euros as financial recognition to all participants in the district competitions in Saxony-Anhalt, subject to available budget funds.

Federal level:

As recognition, prize money will also be awarded to villages participating in the national competition: 15,000 euros for gold, 10,000 euros for silver and 5,000 euros for bronze. In addition, special prizes of 3,000 euros each can be awarded by the jury to highlight initiatives. The awarding of the villages will be celebrated with a ceremony during the International Green Week 2023 in Berlin.

How can you apply?

Please submit the complete application documents for the district competition by 02.04.2021 to the Landkreis Börde, Amt für Wirtschaft, Regionalmanager, Bornsche Straße 2, 39340 Haldensleben.

If you have any questions about the village competition, please contact Mr. Jan Braunsberger, Phone +49 3904 7240-1245, E-Mail:

Detailed information on the competition procedure as well as the forms for submitting your concept are available for download:

Further information is available directly here on the homepage of the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Energy Saxony-Anhalt.

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