Helping with the arrival.

Integration Guides

For a culture of welcome and recognition to take place locally in the Landkreis Börde, the activities of integration guides are needed in addition to the voluntarily active helpers within the existing working groups and associations in the municipalities. The Coordination Office for Migration supports these activities of the integration guides within the framework of a project. This project is fully funded by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Integration.

Accordingly, integration pilots are volunteers from the region appointed by the Landkreis Börde to help refugees find their way in and around the place of accommodation, so that they can cope with everyday life on their own and get to know important country-specific conditions and rules of conduct. The accompaniment and support of the pilots should enable social, cultural and societal participation in the various areas, thereby promoting independence and preventing social isolation or exclusion.

In doing so, the integration pilots accompany the refugees on their personal path by encouraging self-determined action, but not taking over. In addition, access to the labor market is facilitated by the integration pilots providing support in writing letters of application or preparing for job interviews.

Specifically, the pilot activities include:

  • Passing on information about the available counseling services
  • providing information on local peculiarities, in particular leisure activities
  • need-oriented (initial) accompaniment to the counseling centers and authorities
  • Information about the German culture and typical social behaviors
  • Information about correct ventilation and heating habits, waste separation and the use of electrical appliances.
  • Support in preparing for the job market (applications, official matters, recognition procedures, internships, job search)
  • General support with forms, applications
  • Language mediation
  • Meeting, exchange

The Migration Coordination Office serves as a contact for the pilots in all matters, is always available to help them with possible questions and challenges, and also offers need-based training at regular intervals. Thus, the pilots can acquire further knowledge relevant to their work.

You can find this and much more information, as well as the specific contact details of the Migration Coordination Office, in the Flyer "Integration Guides in the Landkreis Börde". can be found here.

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