Official Trichinae examinations of wild game in the Landkreis Börde

Meat hygiene, examination of game meat for trichinae

According to the Animal Food Monitoring Ordinance (TierLMÜV) and the Animal Food Hygiene Ordinance (TierLMHV), the meat of wild boar, badger and other wild animals that may be carriers of trichinae must be examined for infestation with trichinae before it can be further processed.

Below, you can find out the result of the test sample you submitted based on the game origin number. The data is updated every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

In case of a positive result, further examinations are necessary, therefore no publication takes place. In this case we will contact you immediately.

In addition to this information, you will receive the results and a cost notification of 9.30 EUR by mail.


Current findings of the trichinae examination

Wildmark number Date of capture Date of examination Findings
ST0288417 17.02.2023 20.02.2023 negativ
U959421 19.02.2023 22.02.2023 negativ
ST2940523 12.02.2023 22.02.2023 negativ
ST0058719 21.02.2023 22.02.2023 negativ
ST0060012 16.02.2023 22.02.2023 negativ
JVV192008 18.02.2023 22.02.2023 negativ
ST0359309 - not specified - 22.02.2023 negative
ST0177238 22.02.2023 24.02.2023 negativ
ST0177237 22.02.2023 24.02.2023 negativ
0584820 20.02.2023 24.02.2023 negativ
ST0396469 21.02.2023 24.02.2023 negativ
Wildmarkennummer Erlegungsdatum Befunddatum Befund
ST1104241 11.04.2024 15.04.2024 negativ
ST0098519 13.04.2024 15.04.2024 negativ
ST3656121 11.04.2024 15.04.2024 negativ
0279091 14.04.2024 15.04.2024 negativ
ST0365391 04.04.2024 12.04.2024 negativ
ST0433746 11.04.2024 12.04.2024 negativ
ST0309676 10.04.2024 12.04.2024 negativ