Coat of Arms, Flag and Symbol of the Landkreis Börde

County coat of arms

Coat of arms description

The blazon of the coat of arms reads: In red a riding silver warrior, the lowered pommel lance in the right and with the round shield on the left arm covering the upper part of the girded sword, the bridled silver stallion striding on a silver serpent coiled into a meander, the head of which descends at the left edge of the shield into the base of the shield (Hornhausen rider). The county colors are - derived from the tincture of the coat of arms motif with the shield color - silver (white)/red. The flag is striped red-white-red (1:4:1) (longitudinal form: stripes running vertically; transverse form: stripes running horizontally) and centered with the county coat of arms.

The main motif of the county coat of arms

The territory of today's Landkreis Börde belonged to the Gau Ostfalen in the early Middle Ages. From this period comes an archaeological find of modern times, which is of outstanding importance throughout Europe - the so-called Reiterstein von Hornhausen (Rider's Stone of Hornhausen). In 1874, the Dietrich brothers, while deep plowing their field near Hornhausen, located about 5 km northwest of Oschersleben, came across a resistance, which when removed proved to be the picture stone in the format 66 x 78 cm with the previously described warrior on horseback. On the basis of the represented motives the origin of the riding stone can be assigned to the middle of the 7th to the beginning of the 8th century.

Decision of the district council/coat of arms approval

The County Council of the administrative district Landkreis Börde has made the coat of arms decision on his constituent meeting on 12.07.2007 in Oschersleben (Bode). The coat of arms permission was given by the Minister of the Interior of Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony - Anhalt) in form of a document on 08.08.2007.

This coat of arms may be used and led only by the Landkreis Börde. A use of third parties is prohibited.

Since mid-April 2021, the district of Börde has a coat of arms usage statute. The statutes regulate the details of the guidance and use of the coat of arms, the logo and the symbol of the Landkreis Börde. The Coat of Arms Regulations was adopted by the county council of the Landkreis Börde in the meeting on March 31, 2021.

Statute on the use of the coat of arms of the Landkreis Börde (click here to open the statute)


County flag

At its constituent meeting on July 12, 2007, the Börde County Council resolved to fly a county flag. The county colors reflected on the county flag are, derived from the tincture of the coat of arms motif with the shield color, silver (white)/red. By order of 08.08.2007, the Ministry of the Interior of the State of Saxony-Anhalt approved the county flag.



The symbol of the county is formed by the figurative mark and the lettering "Landkreis Börde". The figurative mark in the symbol represents an abstracted landscape section in front of a sun disk. The different colored individual forms - formed from circle spheres supplemented by tree symbols - stand for the different, in each case formative landscape forms of the Börde: Arable land with field margins, meadows, floodplains, forests, heath and watercourses. The figurative mark should always be supplemented by the text, as only then is there a direct reference to the Börde district. In the standard version, the text is to the right of the figurative mark in a fixed reference. This reference is not variable. The lettering is black.

For applications where the standard version of the symbol cannot be used for formal reasons or leads to design restrictions, the use of a total of four alternatives is provided.

The symbol of the district can be used without an application, and there is also no obligation to notify the authorities. The symbol may be used at any time as long as it does not violate applicable law. For example, the symbol may not be used if this violates human dignity or if the image of the district is damaged.