Funding area B for the support of single parents and family need communities in social and labor market integrationStrengthen families - open up perspectives" (FAMICO)


New start 01.10.2022

Within the framework of the directive on the granting of subsidies for the regionalization of labor market policy from funds of the European Social Fund Plus and the state of Saxony-Anhalt "REGIO AKTIV", the Landkreis Börde implements the funding area B "FAMICO" with the new start.

Four family integration coaches (FAMICO) and one project assistant are being funded with the goal of supporting the integration of employable persons in need of assistance from so-called family needs groups with at least one child into employment subject to social insurance contributions, into training or other further measures through intensive support.

The target group for this support is unemployed single parents and unemployed persons entitled to benefits from family need groups from the legal area of SGB II with at least one child in the household. In the case of partner needs groups, both partners should normally be unemployed.

The coaching includes intensive, holistic individual support and strength-oriented counseling of the families as well as the accompanied integration into employment subject to social insurance contributions or in training. In the process, the possibilities of the education and participation package are also to be used to strengthen the children's opportunities.

The following elements are the subject of family integration coaching:

  • Intensive holistic individual support and strength-oriented counseling for selected families.
  • Accompanying integration into employment or training subject to social insurance contributions.

The duration of the project "Strengthening Families - Opening Up Perspectives" is, in accordance with the funding decision dated 29.11.2022

01.10.2022 - 30.09.2025.

Locations of the family integration coaches:

  • 39340 Haldensleben, Gerikestr. 3
  • 39387 Oschersleben, Triftstr. 9 - 10
  • 39164 Wanzleben-Börde, Lange Str. 11
  • 39326 Wolmirstedt, Julius-Bremer-Str. 10

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