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The Landkreis Börde as a training company

The district of Börde trains apprentices and retrainees in the profession of administrative assistant (m/f/d) - specializing in local administration - as well as in the profession of road warden (m/f/d) and in the profession of emergency paramedic (m/f/d).

Landkreis Börde on a visit to Sweden

With the support of the National Agency at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, four trainees from the Börde district in the occupational profile of administrative assistant were sent to the Swedish municipality of Bollnäs from October 8 to October 19, 2018 for the project "Change of Perspective - Learning and Training in Sweden". The aim of the project was to identify similarities and differences between a German and a Swedish municipality in terms of administrative organization, overall municipal structure and municipal distribution of tasks. The project was financed by the Erasmus+ program and offered the prospective administrative assistants the opportunity to apply the knowledge they had previously acquired in an intercultural manner in everyday professional situations and to improve their own English language skills. The trainees had the task to keep their own video diary about the trip to Bollnäs. The main protagonist is the training mascot "Bördi". The result: Bördi's experiences during the two-week stay in Sweden.