Technisches Denkmal Ziegelei Hundisburg

The Ziegelei Hundisburg (Hundisburg brickworks) is a multifunctional facility with a brickworks and technology museum, brick production by hand, a building materials factory, a heavy ceramics workshop for molding and pottery, a carpentry workshop and a gatehouse hostel.

It is jointly maintained and managed by the Landkreis Börde and the Förderverein Technisches Denkmal Ziegelei Hundisburg e.V. (Friends of the Hundisburg Brickworks Technical Monument).

The  technische Denkmal Ziegelei Hundisburg is a worthwhile destination for all, which would like to experience once a not everyday museum. It is unique in its kind in Saxony-Anhalt. A brickyard, which was founded in 1882, still gives visitors an impression of how bricks are made.

Worth seeing, and not only for technology fans, is the old brick making technology. You will also be amazed at the way the rare coal-fired zigzag kiln works.


Brick making

Until the beginning of the 20th century, field firing was a widely used method of firing bricks from clay blanks. Even today, bricks are made in this way in Africa and Southeast Asia. Let yourself be inspired by the traditional brick production of our ancestors in the brickyard. It becomes really romantic in the darkness, when the red glowing flames pass through the kiln. Under the aspect "A monument produced for monuments" the handicraft of brick making is preserved and maintained by hand according to ancient tradition. Molded bricks and terracotta figures are made by hand. These bricks, which receive a vivid color design in coal firing, are used in restoration.


Light railroad

The light railroad that once transported clay from the pit to the processing plant is now a visitor attraction. Visitors catch a glimpse of the clay pit, historic kilns and a bucket dredger, before returning to the brickyard on the circuit.


Rough pottery workshop

Shaping and pottery in the heavy clay workshop is a creative activity for young and old, which brings a visible result in addition to the fun. Your own creation can be dried and fired, taken home as a lasting memory or used as a gift.


Multimedia tour

Using a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) the size of a vest pocket, visitors can be guided through the Technical Monument in German or English. The multimedia tour conveys the history and production of the brickyard in sound, image and video and is a completely new way to discover the Technical Monument. It allows the visitor to arrange the time and breaks during the tour himself or to call up texts and video sequences several times.