Active Inclusion

Funding area A

Vocational integration of persons with special placement barriers "Active integration" (AE)

Funding is provided for projects to improve the integration opportunities of long-term unemployed persons with special placement obstacles who are far from the labor market and have a special need for support as a result. The goal is to achieve better integration progress through longer-term individual solution-oriented integration support for those affected and ultimately to achieve and consolidate their professional integration into the primary labor market or into training.

The Landkreis Börde supports projects in funding area A within the framework of the directive on the granting of subsidies for the regionalization of labor market policy from funds of the European Social Fund Plus and the state of Saxony-Anhalt "REGIO AKTIV".

Target group for the promotion of persons disadvantaged in the labor market who can no longer be reached with the help of special support needs for integration into the primary labor market or the promotion offers according to SGB II or SGB III or who need training. This includes long-term unemployed persons

a) who have been unemployed for more than two years and are generally over 35 years old

b) with health and/or mental impairments or disabilities, or

(c) with an immigrant background.

Objectives: People are to be activated, stabilized and qualified in order to achieve sustainable professional integration. All participants are first given an individual analysis of their potential, which includes in particular an assessment of their social and vocational skills. For this purpose, vocational testing in workshops and or companies is also possible.