Museum Wolmirstedt

The regional museum, founded in 1927, is located in a reconstructed quarry stone barn from 1846, which is part of a historic ensemble of buildings on the medieval castle grounds in the center of Wolmirstedt. The exterior of the castle domain includes the gatehouse, the manor house, the castle chapel, the castle and the castle garden. It is possible to visit the inside of the castle chapel, which was built in 1480 in the brick Gothic style.

The Museum Wolmirstedt is an institution in sponsorship of the Landkreis Börde. After extensive renovation and modernization work, the museum, which is run by full-time staff, has attractive exhibitions on a variety of topics:

  • Geology and Utilization of Mineral Resources in the Landkreis Börde from the Beginnings to the Present".
  • The Ohre lowland and the remaining forest - the kitchen horn
  • The historical importance of the castle domain
  • History of the town of Wolmirstedt
  • Historical workshops; wheelwright, blacksmith, saddlery
  • Special exhibitions on various topics

As a scientific competence center, the Museum Wolmirstedt with its exhibitions, library and archive is available to scientists, students, local historians and interested citizens for research purposes. In particular, the newspaper "Allgemeiner Anzeiger" for the districts of Wolmirstedt and Neuhaldensleben with the years 1855 - 1943 forms an inexhaustible historical source.

After the reconstruction in 2011/12, the Museum Wolmirstedt has a representative museum store, where a wide range of local history literature and regional products are available.

The Museum Wolmirstedt works closely with schools in the region and is a cooperation partner of the Kurfürst-Joachim-Friedrich-Gymnasium, the Johannes-Gutenberg-Ganztagsschule and the Bildungs- und Freizeitzentrum Wolmirstedt.

As an active member of the Saxony-Anhalt Museum Association, the museum staff is involved together with other professionals from cultural institutions and associations. Especially in the "Working Group Digitalization", the museum portal "Museum Digital" was significantly developed further. Currently, 3,300 objects from the Museum Wolmirstedt are online there.

For more information about the museum and our events, please visit our website (click here).