Kommunalservice Landkreis Börde AöR

Kommunalservice (Municipal Service) Landkreis Börde AöR performs the tasks of a public waste management authority, employs approx. 100 people and is divided into three business units:

  • The sovereign administration division, Schwimmbadstr. 2a, 39326 Wolmirstedt
  • The North Division, Meitzendorfer Str. 2, 39326 Wolmirstedt OT Elbeu, and
  • The Business Unit South, An der Alten Tonkuhle 9, 39164 Wanzleben

The sovereign administration division is responsible for waste fee assessment, waste consulting and public relations, and the enforcement of the obligation to connect and use waste.

The North and South Divisions are responsible for the collection, transport, recycling and disposal of all waste subject to mandatory service in the disposal area of the Landkreis Börde, which covers an area of 2,366 km² and has a population of around 173,000.

At the same time, there are transfer stations and a sorting plant in the North and South Divisions, where commercial waste for recycling can be delivered in addition to waste for disposal.

Small quantities of waste can be accepted in accordance with the acceptance catalog at five small acceptance points distributed throughout the Landkreis Börde.

In particular, the institution has the task of collecting, transporting, treating, storing and depositing the waste produced and transferred in the district and of carrying out supplementary measures to achieve the objectives of waste management in accordance with § 1 Para. 1 AbfG LSA. To this end, it plans, builds, operates and manages the necessary facilities.

In addition, within the framework of § 128 Para. 1 KVG LSA, as amended, the institution may participate in the collection of recyclable materials not subject to mandatory transfer and activities of a commercial nature within the framework of waste and recyclable materials management.

Furthermore, KsB AöR is responsible for the recultivation and aftercare of the 7 old landfills in the Landkreis Börde.