People with disabilities

Inclusion in the Landkreis Börde

People with disabilities should not be excluded and separated in the Landkreis Börde. For this reason, the many categories of this homepage also include information for the needs of people with impairments.

Severely disabled people receive a severely disabled person's card upon application. The severely disabled person's card serves as proof of their status as a severely disabled person, of their degree of disability and of the disadvantages to which they are entitled by law or which are granted on a voluntary basis. It contains symbols that entitle the holder to claim certain disadvantage compensation.

If it is marked accordingly (orange-colored area imprint, supplementary sheet with valid token), it also entitles the holder to free travel on public transport.

The ID card is valid as proof from the date on which you applied for recognition; this date is indicated on the ID card.

You will find more detailed information in the Ordinance on Severely Disabled Persons' Identity Cards . If you have any further questions, please contact the responsible office: Landesverwaltungsamt, Versorgungsverwaltung

  • Services for children
    • inpatient/partial inpatient services
      • Residential home
      • Day care center
      • workshop for disabled people
      • outpatient assisted living
    • early support
    • school aids

Personal budget

The Personal Budget is money from the government for people with disabilities. The money can be used to buy support. In this way, people with disabilities should be able to better determine their own lives. Every person with a disability can apply for the Personal Budget, no matter how severe the disability is or what kind of disability one has. It also doesn't matter whether you live in your own apartment, in a residential home or with your parents. Children with disabilities can also get a Personal Budget.

To get a Personal Budget, you have to apply for it. For example, you can apply to the Social Welfare Office, a Joint Service Center for Rehabilitation or the health insurance company. You can also apply for a Personal Budget at other offices that provide assistance to disabled people. The offices also provide advice and help with the application.