Traffic and mobility

Our time is characterized by movement and flexibility. For many, being mobile is indispensable. Outside the larger cities, the focus is on the car. Here you will find information on all types of driver's licenses, registering and deregistering a vehicle, and information on fines.



Traffic Matters

Issuance of special permits for the use of public transport land for:

  • Storage of construction materials
  • Erection of a construction fence
  • Erection of scaffolding
  • Installation of a construction and equipment vehicle
  • Excavation of public traffic areas
  • Installation of containers

The application form required for the application can be obtained from the authority.

Traffic restriction order

Prior to the commencement of any work affecting traffic, orders must be obtained from the Highway Department as to how the work sites are to be closed off and marked, whether and how traffic is to be restricted, directed and controlled. This applies to all federal, state and county roads in the Landkreis Börde. You can obtain the application form required for the application from the authority.

Traffic signs and traffic facilities

The road traffic authority determines where and which traffic signs and traffic facilities are to be installed and removed. The application must be made informally and in writing to the Road Traffic Authority.

Event on public traffic areas

Granting of permission to hold an event on public traffic areas

  • Folk festivals
  • Parades
  • Cycling events
  • Motor sport events
  • running events

and events for which roads are used more than usual. You can obtain the application form from the authorities.

Exemption and permission according to § 46 StVO

  • the road traffic authority can approve exceptions in certain individual cases or generally for certain applicants
  • the § 46 (1) StVO refers to exemptions and permits in justified cases
  • the exemptions and permissions are to be applied for at the road traffic office