Forgery-proof EU driving license in card format / the first deadline

For holders of a paper driver's license born between 1965 and 1970, the exchange is mandatory until July 19, 2024

An appointment with the driver's license office located in Oschersleben and Haldensleben is required.

Documents required for the application:

  • valid identity card or passport with current registration certificate
  • a current, biometric passport photo
  • the current driver's license
  • the administrative fee is 25,30 Euro
  • for a fee of 5,10 Euros, the completed driver's license will also be sent to your home.

What changes?

Unlike in the past, the new driver's license documents lose their validity after 15 years. They must then be renewed, as is the case with ID cards or passports (in which case a certificate of registration from the relevant residents' registration office is also required). This validity limitation already applies to all driver's licenses issued after January 19, 2013.

The time limit is intended to make forgeries more difficult. Background, the personal photo and personal data are updated regularly. A medical examination or a check of fitness to drive do not have to be proven when applying for a new license.

How does the further exchange proceed within which deadlines?

Staggered deadlines apply in Germany. The last deadline is January 19, 2033, but depending on the year of birth or year of issue, the obligation to exchange the license may apply earlier.

The following applies to paper driver's licenses (pink/grey) with a date of issue up to December 31, 1998:

Here, the year of birth of the driver's license holder is decisive.

before 1953 Exchange until 19.01.2033
1965 to 1970 Exchange until 19.01.2024
1971 or later Exchange until 19.01.2025


If the old paper driver's license was not issued by the authority of the current residence, a so-called index card copy of the originally issuing authority is required. This can be requested by mail, by telephone or online. This transcript must be presented on the exchange date.

Driving licenses issued after January 1, 1999

For these driver's licenses, the year of issue of the driver's license is decisive.

1999 to 2001 Exchange until 19.01.2026
2002 to 2004 Exchange until 19.01.2027
2005 to 2007 Exchange until 19.01.2028
2008 Exchange until 19.01.2029
2009 Exchange until 19.01.2030
2010 Exchange until 19.01.2031
2011 Exchange until 19.01.2032
2012 until 01/18/2013 Exchange until 19.01.2033