Youth County Council of the Landkreis Börde

The Youth County Council of the Landkreis Börde was founded in 2012 to promote the political interest of young people at an early stage and to support them at the local level. The Youth County Council body represents the interests of children and young people in the county. The aim is to give children and young people confidence in politics in order to sustainably promote local politics.

What is the Youth County Council?

The Youth County Council is about children and young people discussing important issues and topics related to their lives and their environment and representing them in the form of the Youth County Council. It provides them with a suitable platform to propose and implement their own ideas. The children and young people can actively bring topics, wishes and problems to the Youth County Council and are involved in current political issues.

The body consists of a maximum of 54 members, who are made up of students from schools in the Landkreis Börde. The Youth County Council is led by a board consisting of a chairman and two deputies.

What are the goals and tasks of the Youth County Council?

The Youth COunty Council pursues the goal of developing suggestions for improving the quality of life of children and young people in the district and proposing measures, insofar as these lie within the area of responsibility of the Landkreis Börde.

Concretely this means

  • giving children and young people the opportunity to make their own views and ideas on issues public,
  • to bring decisions about their concerns into the politics of the administrative district Börde and to implement them,
  • to give interested children and young people a better understanding of how local politics works,
  • to gain experience in local politics and
  • that young people can identify with "their" county through participation and co-determination.

In order to perceive the goals of the Youth County Council and to approach their pursuit in an interest-specific manner, the members come together in project groups.

Where and when will the Youth County Council meet?

The Youth County Council meets twice a year in the Börde district. In addition, regular meetings are held.

And how do you become a member of the Youth County Council?

You want to become active yourself?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Youth County Council, simply fill out the registration form linked below and the declaration of consent from your legal guardians and send it to the County Council.

Children and young people are eligible to participate:

  • between the completed 13. and including 21. year of life
  • who live in the administrative district Landkreis Börde.

You can also find more detailed explanations about membership and the scope of duties in the rules of procedure of the youth district council.

Do you have ideas, suggestions or problems that should be addressed or would you like to become a member? Then contact the youth district council members at your school or send an e-mail directly to