Helping with the arrival.

Welcome folder

Under the focus "What should I know as a newly arrived asylum seeker, recognized refugee or EU immigrant in the Landkreis Börde?", the project "Welcome Folder" was completed at the end of 2018, which, in the course of daily integration work, serves the recurring regional need for the greatest possible transparency of the variety of offers and providers in the Landkreis Börde. It facilitates the "arrival" for all newcomers by presenting the existing variety of offers and services in the Landkreis Börde in an easily understandable way. The welcome folder contributes to making the integration process in the Landkreis Börde more "tangible". Furthermore, it is very important as a storage medium, as it offers its owner the central possibility to store the multitude of received documents (e.g. notices, rental contracts, school registrations, insurance certificates, bank documents, etc.) in a bundled and secure way.

Support for daily integration work

It also benefits many of the actors entrusted with integration work in the Landkreis Börde. For example, a "routing slip" kept in the folder, on which the consulting actors can enter their names in agreement with the folder holder, makes it possible to trace the contact persons who have been involved so far. Transparency within the actors involved is thus significantly increased and the risk of overlaps in counseling and support is greatly reduced.

Welcome folder - The languages

In addition to the German version, the Welcome Folder contains one of the six foreign languages currently available (English, French, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Ukrainian and Persian). Additional languages are currently being planned.

Welcome folder - the structure

In order to create a recognizability desirable to the Landkreis Börde, the presentation of the welcome folder was visually based on the already existing network color design of other successfully initiated offers (e.g. flyer integration guides). Thus already in the layout with the representation of the district area an optically responding and loosening up incentive for the viewer is obtained as well as the curiosity on the chapters of the folder standing behind the symbols is aroused. Within the chapters (orientation, housing, language, education/school, training, work, health, leisure, finances, documents), a "play of colors" matching the overall concept of the welcome folder further enables the reader to orientate himself quickly and independently of the language.

Further Information

For further information, please contact the Office for Social Affairs and Integration.

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