From the Drömling to the Hohe Holz.

Nature and Landscape

The Drömling in the north is one of the largest German inland wetlands. In the northwest, the foothills of the Lapp forest area with the valley of the Aller form a very varied landscape. In the northeast, the Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide spreads out. The northern and central area is characterized by a hilly landscape consisting of several mountain ranges. Among others, the Wartberg near Niederndodeleben, the Teufelsküchenberg and the Drömseberg near Hermsdorf / Hohenwarsleben, the Weferlinger Triasplatte, the Erxleber-Hörsinger as well as the Flechtinger Höhenzug and the Calvörder Berge belong to it. To the south, the wooded hilly landscape "Hohes Holz" rises with the adjacent Sauren Holz and its foreland. The southern central area is characterized by wide fields and small villages of the Magdeburger Börde, the largest contiguous black earth area in Germany. The Große Bruch in the west is an old glacial valley that stretches from Oschersleben to Hornburg in Lower Saxony. In the southeast, just outside the state capital of Magdeburg, is the Süzetal, characterized by valleys of the Sülze and the Seerennengraben.