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Saxony-Anhalt welcomes, supports and encourages those foreigners who wish to live here permanently and acquire German citizenship. In order to obtain a German passport, one can become a naturalized citizen. By doing so, you acquire German citizenship and can participate in social and political life with equal rights. Naturalization brings many advantages for you. You can freely choose your profession, you get the right to vote, you can be elected yourself, you get protection against deportation and extradition and you get consular protection from the German missions abroad at any time. In addition, as a German you can travel to many other countries without a visa.

Who do I have to contact?

The naturalization authorities are the administrative districts and independent cities. If you live in the Landkreis Börde, the Landkreis Börde is responsible. Please contact the foreigners registration office of the Landkreis Börde.

Which documents are required?

Which documents are required depends on the individual case. A certified copy or a photocopy of the original is usually sufficient for the documents. Civil status documents and passports must be submitted in the original. In the case of foreign-language documents, a translation is also required. Note: Ask the naturalization authority at an early stage for advice on which documents you need to submit.

What are the fees?

There are fees for naturalization. If the application is withdrawn or rejected, the fee is reduced. Additional costs may be incurred in individual cases for the submission of civil status certificates, proof of civic knowledge, language skills and for giving up the previous citizenship.

  • Fee for the co-naturalization of minor children without own income: Administrative fee: 51,00 EUR
  • Fee for naturalization: administrative fee: 255,00 EUR

What deadlines do I have to observe?

Deadlines may have to be observed. Please contact the responsible office.

Legal basis

Applications / Forms

You must submit a written application for naturalization. If you have reached the age of 16, you can apply for naturalization yourself. If you are under 16 years of age, your legal representatives - usually your parents - must submit the application. Note: Before you submit the application, you should have a consultation with your naturalization authority. This may save you time and unnecessary queries.

Your naturalization authority will try to process your naturalization application quickly if you submit all the required documents. Under certain circumstances, a longer period of time may elapse before naturalization, as the procedure for releasing you from your previous citizenship is often time-consuming. Note: You are obliged to cooperate in the naturalization procedure.

If the renunciation of your previous citizenship is required for your naturalization, you will receive an assurance of naturalization if all other requirements are met. This will allow you to take the necessary steps to renounce your previous citizenship. The naturalization assurance is generally valid for two years and can be extended if necessary.

What else should I know?

The naturalization certificate will be presented to you in person at a naturalization ceremony. During the naturalization ceremony, you will make a solemn oral declaration that you will respect the Basic Law and the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and refrain from doing anything that could harm the Federal Republic of Germany. This solemn declaration is intended to reinforce the commitment to the free democratic basic order made in writing in the naturalization application. The naturalization becomes effective with the handing over of the naturalization certificate. You are then a German citizen. With your naturalization certificate, go to your registration office and apply for your German identity card. As a German citizen, you must have this ID card, but you do not have to carry it with you at all times. You will need a passport if you are planning a trip abroad for which your identity card is not sufficient. Your registration office will advise you on this.

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