Landkreis Börde - Complaint Management

The goal of the complaint management is the satisfaction of the citizens with the district administration. Complaint management is the central point of contact for citizens when clarification with the department is not (or no longer) possible and a department not involved in the process should be involved.

Internal affairs complaints, objections and lawsuits are not handled by the complaints management team, but continue to be handled by the relevant departments. Complaints and suggestions may well be suitable for pointing out possible improvements to the administration. Complaint management is therefore integrated into quality management and operational idea management.

What documents are required?

If possible, concrete information on the facts of the matter, and if necessary the written communication about which a complaint is to be made. You can use the form provided for your concerns, criticism and praise.

What are the fees?

This service is free of charge.


Thank you for your information for the continuous quality assurance and improvement of the services of the district administration.

Suggestions form

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