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What is housing benefit?

Housing allowance is financial assistance provided by the state to low-income individuals to relieve them of housing costs. The housing allowance is paid for the entire household. The amount of housing allowance depends on the number of household members, the amount of income of all household members and the amount of rent.

Who can apply for housing allowance?

Tenants of residential property can apply for a rent subsidy and owners of residential property can apply for an encumbrance subsidy.

Where can I get a housing subsidy application?

At the housing allowance office of the Börde district in 39340 Haldensleben, Bornsche Straße 2 or in 39387 Oschersleben (Bode), Triftstraße 9-10.

You can get advice in person at the office or request the housing subsidy application by telephone or print it out from the Internet. On the website of the district Börde or from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Digitalization (MID) you can find the application forms.

The application must be submitted in writing on the application form to the housing allowance office.

What will change in the housing allowance in 2023?

Housing allowance entitlements have been partially doubled and income limits have been raised. The maximum amounts for rent and encumbrance have been increased and an amount to relieve heating costs has been introduced.

What is the amount of housing benefit based on?

The housing allowance depends on 3 factors, the number of persons belonging to the household, the amount of rent or burden and the total income of all persons belonging to the household.

Can I receive housing benefit if I receive other social benefits?

If you receive Bürgergeld, Sozialgeld, Sozialhilfe, Grundsicherung, BAB or Bafög, you are excluded from receiving housing benefit. However, you are welcome to seek advice regarding a change at the housing allowance office.

Can I calculate my entitlement using a housing allowance calculator on the Internet?

The housing allowance calculators available on the Internet are not recommended. Unfortunately, they often do not take into account all the circumstances relevant to the calculation, or do not take into account regional differences (rent level). In addition, specialist knowledge is required to make the entries (income according to housing allowance law, income-related expenses, allowances, deductions) correctly.

What documents are needed to apply for housing subsidy rent subsidy or encumbrance subsidy?

1. rent subsidy

  • Application for rent subsidy
  • Rental contract
  • if applicable, statement of operating costs
  • proof of rent payment
  • If the basic cable service (television) is not included in the rent, proof of separate payment and the amount.

2. load subsidy

  • Application for burden subsidy
  • Proof of ownership (land register extract, purchase or notary contract)
  • Notice of real estate tax and proof of payment of real estate tax
  • Floor plan of the house with the corresponding information on the living space
  • Proof of any loans in connection with the purchase, modernization or maintenance of the property (certificate of borrowed funds)
    1. Credit agreements
    2. annual account statements
    3. current evidence of payment of installments
    4. Building savings contracts and current evidence of payment of building savings contributions


to 1. and 2. proof of income of all persons living in the household

  1. employment contract
  2. Statements of earnings
  3. Benefit statements (unemployment benefit I, citizen's allowance, sickness benefit, BAföG, child benefit supplement...)
  4. Pension statements
  5. Notices of maintenance advance as well as the last proof of receipt of this benefit
  6. Alimony determination and the last 3 proofs of receipt of alimony payments
  7. Proof of child benefit
  8. Proof of an existing severe disability

(In individual cases, the submission of further proofs, documents, etc. may be required).

for tenants

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for owners of owner-occupied housing

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for home residents

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