Funding area C to ensure the educational and employability of young people in need of support: STABIL - self-discovery - training - guidance - support - initiative - learning.

The Landkreist Börde promotes projects in the promotion area C within the scope of the guideline about the granting of allowances for the regionalization of the labor market policy from means of the European Social Fund Plus and the country Saxony-Anhalt "REGIO AKTIV".

The aim of the funding is to develop and establish the educational and employability skills of young people in need of support so that they can be integrated into suitable further measures, training or employment.

The target group consists of young people in need of support who have completed their compulsory education, do not have a vocational qualification, are unemployed and cannot or can no longer be reached with the help of the support programs offered by the employment agencies or agencies providing basic security for job-seekers, such as young people without a school-leaving certificate, without a training place, who have dropped out of training or with special individual socio-educational support needs.

As a rule, participants should be under 27 years of age when the project begins.

In the Landkreis Börde, support area C is implemented by "Rahn Education" in Gröningen. A total of 20 participant places are available.

There is a transitional arrangement between the funding periods for this funding area.

The project is to be continued for 12 months in order to achieve seamlessness of the support offer in the sense of the participants.

The project-executing agency received the notification of funding from the Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office with the term:

01.12.2022 - 30.11.2023

In spring 2023 a competition of ideas will be called, so that the promotion project "STABIL" can be continued without interruption.

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