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With greenhouse gas emissions of 14.5 metric tons of CO2 equivalents per capita per year (2019), people in Saxony-Anhalt are above the average for Germany (10 metric tons) and far above the target of 1.5 metric tons of CO2 equivalents per capita per year, for compliance with the 1.5°C mark. You can calculate your own footprint free of charge under the Federal Environment Agency's CO2 calculator.

In line with the precautionary principle of German environmental law, avoiding damage to nature and people is the top priority. Private households have an essential role to play in this and can implement various measures for sustainable living, as well as saving money.

Helpful energy tips for resource conservation and potential savings can be found at:

The consumer advice center also offers free energy consultations and provides information on saving energy, green roofs, renovation and construction, and subsidies.

Further information can be found at:

There are many myths and false claims on the subject of climate protection, although today's facts substantiate the most common prejudices.

The website provides the most important facts about climate change.



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