Your future in the Börde

Transition from school to work in the Landkreis Börde (RÜMSA)

In the future, young people should receive career counseling and guidance according to their personal aptitude and inclination from a single source, personally as well as medially, in the Landkreis Börde. Well-coordinated cooperation between the employment agency, the job center and the youth welfare services facilitates the transition to the world of work and opens up future prospects for young people and young adults. All partners involved in the transition are important for the success of the project.

The main goal is for all young people to receive personal and medial support in the school-training-work transition from 2020 onward. The existing offer will be tested in local contact points throughout the district and will be made permanent, taking into account the needs of young people and the economy.


  • Establishment of a coordinated and, as far as possible, complete range of services for career preparation and career guidance.
  • Establishment of an internal data platform for cross-jurisdictional cooperation
  • Establishment of joint case management by the employment agency, job center and youth welfare services
  • Creation of decentralized counseling opportunities throughout the district
  • Improved awareness of regional offers in the transition from school to work through the creation of a website and the use of social media
  • Creation of an internship and vacation job exchange

The cooperation of the partners is supported and accompanied by the RÜMSA coordination office within the framework of the RÜMSA state program. The project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the state of Saxony-Anhalt for the period from September 1, 2017 to June 30, 2022, and is supported by the Landkreis Börde.

In the Landkreis Börde, the RÜMSA program is carried out under the regional brand ".zib - Future in the Börde".

HERE you can find the website of .zib



The vacation job and internship exchange

Are you looking for an internship or a vacation job? Then take a look at the internship and vacation job exchange. Here you will find offers from the Landkreis Börde that suit you.

Do you want to recruit young talent and offer an internship or a vacation job? In the vacation job and internship exchange of the Landkreis Börde you can draw attention to yourself and post your professional offer.

To the internship and vacation job exchange



The Landkreis Börde, the Saxony-Anhalt North Magdeburg Employment Agency, the Börde Jobcenter and the Saxony-Anhalt State Education Authority have concluded a cooperation and target agreement. Together with other actors, the support structures at the transition from school to work are to be continuously developed on this basis. The RÜMSA coordination office, which supports and accompanies the cooperation of the partners in the area of transition from school to work, is affiliated with the Landkreis Börde.

Employment Agency Saxony-Anhalt North Magdeburg: An important partner in the process of career guidance is the vocational counseling of the Employment Agency Saxony-Anhalt North Magdeburg, whose legal mandate is the vocational orientation and development of suitable training opportunities, including appropriate assistance and funding (SGB III).

Jobcenter Börde: The focus of the activity is the integration work with young people in order to place them as quickly as possible in an apprenticeship or in work. In doing so, all possibilities of ending or reducing the need for assistance are to be exhausted (SGB II).

Child and youth welfare: Child and youth welfare is oriented toward the goal of supporting young people in their development and raising them to become independent personalities. The offers and services of youth welfare are provided by independent youth welfare organizations and by public youth welfare organizations (SGB VIII).

State Education Authority: A central task of general education schools is to ensure that young people are ready for vocational training and university studies. Preparing young people to choose a career is a key focus of educational work at schools.